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We’re ready to go on our dream honeymoon!

# Available: 20

$10 – Bottle of Wine | At this level, you’ll support us in our endeavor to sip a bottle of wine on the beach one evening. Oh, and we promise we’ll be thinking of you!

# Available: 2

$50 – Beach Chairs | At this level, your generosity will help insure that we never need to get up unless we absolutely want to. 

# Available: 5

$100 – Candlelit Dinner | Ohhh la la, with this much, we’ll be dining by the ocean enjoying a romantic, candlelit dinner. Paradise!


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  1. AIOdigital February 23, 2018 at 5:33 am - Reply

    We wish you luck on your campaign, Grandpa & I will be telling our church group about it! So Cooll!

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