A Free Honeymoon to Paris?

A Wedding Registry to Help You Travel

Planning your dream wedding and your dream honeymoon can be overwhelming. At Inspired
Honeymoons, we take care of all of the details for you, and best of all, we set it up so your
guests can help pay for a trip with your new spouse!you with part of your honeymoon.

Let’s Design Your Perfect Honeymoon

To plan your dream honeymoon, we start with finding out more about you and your spouse to be. This helps determine what your ideal destinations are, what sort of activities you like, what types of accommodations suit your lifestyle and your budget. There may be some top contenders from one side that the other isn’t as excited about so we can also have a wish list for each of you then we specially design a vacation registry on our website that allows your guests to gift you with an aspect of your dream honeymoon.


Paris Example

For foodies, there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from in the City of Light. If you want to visit a particular restaurant, such as Astier  known for their classic French fare and mouth-watering cheeses, you can add this to your online honeymoon registry. Guests could gift you with the entire dinner or maybe the wine or dessert to accompany the meal. Other options could be a tour of the Eiffel Tower or a night’s stay at a hotel.

Many Options for Your Registry

When guests sign on to your registry and choose a particular item as their wedding gift to you,
they will receive a card that can be presented to you on your wedding day or at bridal showers. The various price points on your honeymoon registry make it possible for every budget to gift.

We look forward to meeting you and your spouse-to-be so we can plan the perfect honeymoon
to accompany your perfect day. Call Inspired Honeymoons today to set up an appointment:
(403) 393-7343

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