Honeymoon with a Journey Back in Time

A Magical Honeymoon in Greece


The majestic atmosphere of Greece and its islands is not only beautiful but unique. While Greece is rich in art, culture, and cuisine, its history is what truly sets this Mediterranean country apart.

Taking a Trip Back In Time

Walk the streets of Athens where the Greeks learned from the great philosophers, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Visit the Lyceum of Aristotle, founded by the great philosopher himself in 335 BC, one of the most significant sites of Ancient Greece, also called the “Peripatetic School” meaning ‘stroll’ as Aristotle was known to walk the grounds as he taught his pupils.

Gaze upon the Parthenon and its 2,400-year-old columns where the ancient gods were once devotedly worshipped and the Altar of the Twelve Gods, dedicated to the twelve gods of Olympus.


Cruising the Grecian Islands

Take a cruise on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and tour the Grecian Islands. Greece has over a thousand islands, the largest being Crete, which is known as the home of the earliest known civilization in Europe, the Minoan civilization from 2,700-1,420 BC. Another Grecian island, Santorini, is known for its breathtaking skylines of Fira and Oia, the principal towns that overlook the sea.

A Unique Culinary Experience

Greece is also home to rich and delicious foods such as souvlaki, baklava, dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves), amygdalota (a gluten free almond cookie), and many more popular dishes. Be sure to try a few on your travels as each restaurant and district is bound to have a unique spin on each dish.

With so many historical sites and beautiful landscapes, Greece is not only a historian’s dream
but an ideal destination for those who enjoy seaside scenery.

Your Honeymoon Could be Free


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